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Name:Dr. Nathan Mitchell
Birthdate:Sep 30
Location:New York City, New York, United States of America
Website:Dream Like New York
Dr Nathan Mitchell

Dr Nathan Isaac Mitchell is a doctor fresh out of Columbia University Medical School, who is one year into his residency at Mount Sinai Kravis Children's Hospital to gain his specialty in Pediatric Medicine. He was born in Astoria, Oregon, and was one of a pair of identical twin boys. Eighteen months later, his parents also welcomed a baby girl, Carmen, and more than had their hands full. Life was rosy for the young family until Nathan's twin brother, Caleb, died of leukemia when they were just eight years old. It was a devastating loss, and Nathan didn't understand for a long time where his brother had gone. Their father couldn't cope with the loss and ended up walking out and leaving Nathan, his sister and his mother high and dry to cope. This is what led them to move in with Nathan's maternal grandparents, and the living arrangement had stuck even up to when Nathan finished high school and left Astoria to move to New York for college. His decision to become a Pediatrician very much stemmed from losing his brother. He remembered how kind the doctors were during his brother's long stays in hospital, and it really was one of those things that stuck in his head for many years after his brother's passing.

But because his mother had to raise him and his sister on her own, financially things were a struggle. She worked long and hard to save for Nathan to go to Medical School, but as soon as he was old enough, Nathan began working himself so she wasn't weighed down with the whole financial burden and wanted to do something to help look after his mom and little sister. He started out in a record store when he was seventeen, but a sheer love for music saw him DJ'ing in a small pub by the time he was eighteen. Once he moved to New York and started med school, he scored a gig working five nights out of seven at The Bondi, a bar in Soho, New York, owned by Aussie ex-at, Luke Jackson. Luck was on his side when he managed to score his residency because Luke was more than happy to keep Nathan on as a DJ two nights a week because the rest of the time, he was plugging live music and a DJ wasn't necessary. Now, with his MD under his belt, the DJ'ing is just a hobby, but he loves it and doesn't want to give it up. It affords him the luxury of unwinding with excellent music in a good venue after the difficult shifts he has as a brand new doctor in the medical world.

And who do you think you are
Running around leaving scars
Collecting your jar of hearts,
And tearing love apart
You're gonna catch a cold
From the ice inside your soul
Don't come back for me
Who do you think you are?

This is an RP journal for character Dr Nathan Mitchell, an original character written. All rights and written entries by Nate via this journal is original work and owned by his creator. Journal and character is for roleplay and enjoyment purposes only. Nathan is portrayed by actor Chad Michael Murrary and is in no way affiliated to Chad Michael Murray.

"In the sick room, ten cents' worth of human understanding equals ten dollars' worth of medical science."
-Martin H. Fischer

For dreamlikenewyork:
When Nathan arrived in New York, and during Columbia's Freshers Week, he met fellow freshman, Tyler Peterson, who was just starting Pre-Law. Tyler was new to the city, too, had come from Providence for college, and they just hit it off, becoming good friends quickly as they stuck together finding their feet in the city. Both being gay, it didn't take long for the friendship to blossom into something more, and Tyler asked Nate out on a date just six weeks after they met. They drove down to Atlantic City together for the date, and it was there they slept together for the first time. They didn't look back, and when his little sister, Carmen, also arrived in New York for college a year later to become a paramedic, Nate couldn't have been more proud to introduce Tyler to her. He was very protective of Carmen, having helped pull her out of a rough time in her teen years, and her opinion of his boyfriend was everything. Luckily, she and Tyler hit it off right from the start and got on like a house on fire.

Which was why, three years later when gay marriage became legal in New York, Carmen was over the moon when Tyler proposed to Nate, and Nate happily accepted. Only, it they weren't destined for a happily ever after. Far from it. They had just finished planning their wedding and Tyler's friends had taken him out on the town for his Bachelor Party. In a turn of events no one could have seen coming, Tyler was grabbed from the back of the group and gagged so they didn't hear him try to scream. He was pulled into a dark, back alley and sexually assaulted, the perpetrator keeping him conscious so he was aware of the whole thing. The biggest mistake was letting Tyler see his face, but Tyler was too broken, injured, and mentally shocked to do anything but lie there until he was found two hours later by a hooker, who called an ambulance. Tyler never recovered from the trauma. He began to spin out and didn't want anywhere near him to help him, as much as Nathan tried. It broke his heart when Tyler just pushed him further and further away. It all took an even more horrible turn when Tyler started to believe the only way he could hope to get the memories out of his mind was to fuck them out. He cheated on Nathan, and started to sleep with anyone and everyone he could pull at gay bars. On top of that, he started to drink heavily, and do hard drugs to blind himself to flashbacks.

When Tyler didn't come home one night, Nathan was extremely worried, knowing Tyler had been drinking and using drugs. He went out looking for him, and like it was done just to spite him, Nathan found Tyler screwing a guy in the bathroom of the bar he worked as a DJ at. Tyler was high as a kite and drunk. When he saw Nathan, he just laughed and kept going. It made Nate physically sick. He threw his engagement ring at Tyler, and everything was over.

That was all a year before he graduated med school, and to this day, he still doesn't know how he got through that last year. He heard a lot of things about Tyler, but couldn't handle dealing with it, being just too heartbroken and exhausted trying to help him and having it all shat all over in the worst possible way. He was told that, somewhere in the wake of their break-up, Tyler had been diagnosed as HIV Positive, having contracted it either from his rapist or from one of the many guys he slept with unprotected. On top of that, Nate was soon given the news that Tyler, in a drunken and drugged haze, had allegedly attacked his rapist, hitting him with a fatal blow to the head that landed him with 20 year prison sentence. Only, just six months later on appeal, Tyler was released and cleared on the defenses of intoxication, self defence, and mental impairment from post-traumatic stress. Now, closing in on his 26th birthday, all Nate could do was walk away and try to pick up the pieces of his life, and he did that by focusing on his work and trying to find something that resembled normalcy all over again... all the while, his heart still broken and missing Tyler terribly because, despite the hurt, he never stopped loving him.

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